BuildForm undertakes planning and designing of Schools, Residential School campuses, hospital campuses and boarding hostels.

The campus is a place of respite, a place where the landscape of knowledge/healing and the landscape of buildings merge together. New buildings on the Campus are designed, with a level of transparency that encourages a visual fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces. Each exterior building wall is well thought of as both a specific means of containing and defining interior space, and as an element centrally involved in the broader goal of defining the campus.

Functional plans, Building Scale, Unity, Proportion, Shape, Color, Texture and Transparency are the main design principles that  Build Form applies to its campus designs.



Why Build Form

Build Form and our associates provide world class architectural planning and designing for all your building and spatial needs. We design architecture, interior spaces providing the best design solutions which incorporate the most current trends in the industry.

At Build Form the focus is on excellence in design with the right combination of  technical and functional skills necessary for a project’s success. We design and plan to provide the most comfortable and inspiring environment that instills enthusiasm to every aspect of your lives.

We provide architectural and planning design services all across India and the world, collaborating with our Engineering and Structural associates.

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