Master Planning

Important in any project, thoughtful planning is especially critical in large-scale developments. Before any project starts there should be in depth planning to ensure accurate budgeting, scheduling and scope.


Build Form after careful site analysis designs master plans that are essential to the clients and projects long term expansion plans.


Part of the skill we use in site master planning is to explore future alternative options to enable plans to be changed and adapted as circumstances change.

This enables decisions to be made now; knowing that if the future is different, the plan has the maximum in-built flexibility to accommodate such change in an economical, structured and cost-effective manner. This phase level development approach gives decision-makers the assurance that future expansions can be managed.




Why Build Form

Build Form and our associates provide world class architectural planning and designing for all your building and spatial needs. We design architecture, interior spaces providing the best design solutions which incorporate the most current trends in the industry.

At Build Form the focus is on excellence in design with the right combination of  technical and functional skills necessary for a project’s success. We design and plan to provide the most comfortable and inspiring environment that instills enthusiasm to every aspect of your lives.

We provide architectural and planning design services all across India and the world, collaborating with our Engineering and Structural associates.

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